If you're like most people then you want to be successful and happy in life. PathBoss is here to show you how you can do that!

  • Find out what the perfect job is for you.

  • Learn more about who you are: your values, strengths and personality.

  • Master the art of being hired: CV writing, Interviews and Assessment Centres.

  • Discover scientifically proven ways to enjoy your job more and live a happier life.




Over the coming months, I'm going to be releasing new free content on the following topics:

  • Career-Person match - How to know what should you do with your life.

  • Getting hired - How to write a CV, smash an interview and pass an assessment centre!

  • Job Satisfaction - How to love the life you lead every day.

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PathBoss is here to help people with career transitions and to make sure that people are in the right jobs. 

Currently you can get the support of PathBoss in three different ways:

  • E-Learning - You want a flexible learning opportunity? Check out the video based and practical learning programs available (coming soon!).
  • Coaching - Looking for a more personal touch? See how having a personal coach could help you overcome the challenges you are facing.
  • Corporate - You want to support your organisation, your team or specific employees? Explore some of the ways that PathBoss can help with challenging people issues.

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Psychology - What sits behind the solutions

We work with very best techniques from Psychology, Career Guidance, Coaching and Leadership Development to deliver the very best practical support for people going through career transitions. 

  • Take Psychometric questionnaires and learn to love who you are.
  • Apply the best coaching techniques, skills and tricks to help clear your thinking and to make better decisions.

We recognise the value of modern science, psychology and coaching, however, too often these helpful methods are not accessible or affordable

It is our mission to bring the new scientific developments and well researched concepts such as Values, Personality and Strengths to the world in a practical and easy to use format.