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Listen to my guests and I discuss their strategies, successes and challenges whilst starting their successful businesses. 

Learn and be inspired by their stories as you begin your own journey equipped with the lessons learned 


"A great coach and a great inspiration. I definitely recommend Joe, he will not only show you a whole new way to do things, he will show you the way to challenge yourself out of your own comfort zone…He will go above and beyond to enrich your life and add value."

Dr Yasmin Kottait
Pediatric Dentist

"Joe gave me coaching at a time when I was without direction for my career and future. Through exploring who I am as a person, I found a future that matched my values, personality and strengths. Twelve months on I have founded a charity which is close to my heart and continue to do work that inspires and challenges me every day. "

Phil Kemp
Founder of GrabLife

"I was so pleased I decided to give PathBoss a go! The sessions really helped me identify my strengths and my weaknesses; and how they can help me in choosing a career I’ll be happy in. I was very unsure what direction I wanted to go in, however, I now have a much clearer view of my future thanks to PathBoss. Thank you!"


"PathBoss was such a worthwhile experience for me! The sessions which Joe took us through really helped me to visualize what I love to do and how I can apply those qualities in my future. The interactive sessions really helped me to understand myself as a person."


"After 5 years of hesitation about changing career, 6 weeks of coaching with Joe has empowered me to take the plunge and open my own business. I'm now growing in confidence every day. The coaching has helped me to think more clearly, take action and hold myself more accountable."

Tipo Miah
Founder of Select Lab Recruitment

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I am a Psychologist, Coach and the proud Founder of PathBoss.

When I realised just how many people had fallen out of love with their jobs, careers and lives, I knew I had found my calling as a Psychologist. 

I'd love to help you find your purpose, motivation and empower you to have wellbeing and passion in life.

Please check out what I have to offer!


Founder of PathBoss

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