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Joe Bruce

Your coach and PathBoss founder

Joe Bruce is an Organizational Psychologist originally from England, who has been studying and practicing Psychology and Coaching for more than a decade. 

Joe provided leadership development and career advice to graduates through to CEOs while working as a consultant in the Middle East.

Having helped hundreds of individuals, Joe saw the power of the strategies and tools he was using on a daily basis and decided it was time to make them available for the whole world to benefit from.

Joe decided it was time to leave the corporate world and that's when he took the leap and founded PathBoss.

Joe is an avid traveler.  From practicing Muay Thai in Thailand, to driving a scooter around the rice fields of Bali, he loves new adventures.  You can currently find him soaking up the sun in Dubai.

About PathBoss

We want you to be excited for the start of each new week and flourish through the work you do.

Our goal is for you thrive.  We will help you shape your future by sharing our proven strategies and tools from Psychology and Coaching.

Offering life changing guidance and support is the lifeblood of PathBoss. Our services and communities inspire creativity and enthusiasm. 


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